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Glo Skincare
Treat your skin  with the Total Image Glo Advanced Skin Care System.  Build your confidence and radiance as you begin to see
your skin becoming firmer, smoother, more touchable and radiant because of the Glo Advanced Skin Care System by Total Image!

Aging is a normal part of life, and as Americans, we are living to a ripe old age. With today’s medical advances, many adults are experiencing good health into their 90's and even 100's. It’s important to be aware of the many components of senior health, including physical health, mental health, and emotional well-being. With healthy lifestyle habits, plenty of exercise and activities, and strong social support, healthy seniors can look forward to personal fulfillment and a long life. We carry many products that are perfect for seniors to keep their minds and bodies strong. Being older doesn't mean you have to be sick or feeble! Check out our Herb Store for supplements designed  for especially for seniors health. Read our anti-aging Articles.





Glo Skincare Products

The Glo Instant Face Lift is a mask that can make you look years younger in as little as one 15 minute application!  The best part is that you can apply this mask in your own home on your own time.  This non-surgical instant face lift can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease the appearance of large pores and give your face and neck an overall refreshed appearance. In addition, the more you use the mask, the better results you will see.  The Glo instant face lift is also a great "spot use" product for acne - just dab a small amount on each blemish before bedtime and leave on all night.  The healing time for blemishes can decrease greatly.
Step 1 -- CLEANSER
Cleansing the face is the first basic step to healthy looking skin.  A good cleanser that your skin responds well to is a vital part of yur skin care routine.   Soap should never be used on the face as it tends to dry out the skin.   The aloe vera in our cleanser helps keep our cleanser gentle and non-drying.  a gentle cleanser, like the TI Glo Cleanser,  be used twice a day.  If you wear makeup, you should cleanse morning and night.  If you do not, you can cleanse once at night before bedtime.  In the morning, you can splash with lukewarm water.  We recommend that you not wash your face with hot or cold water.   You should never over cleanse your skin.  skin that is tight after cleansing could be a sign of over cleansing.  Over cleansing can cause acne, rashes, redness and flaking skin.
Exfoliation is important for healthy and radiant looking skin.   Facial exfoliation is different than body exfoliation.  The facial exfoliating product should have small, smooth and even particles.  It should not feel rough.  TI Glo Daily Dermabrasion is mild enough to be used daily or just a couple of times a week!  Never exfoliate under the eyes because the skin there is fragile and can be easily damaged.  Exfoliation removes the upper layers of dead skin cells, invigorates circulation and feels wonderful!  If the old skin cells are not removed, they can cause clogged pores which can lead to blackheads or blemishes.   You can use a pouf, loofa, or just a wet washcloth.  Exfoliation is important to help prepare your skin to receive the best
benefits from your moisturizer.

Step 3-- TONER
Using a gentle toner is a great way to soothe and refresh your skin.  the Glo Toner can be used twice a day.  For those who don't use a cleanser in the morning, the TI Glo Toner is a great way to get your skin ready for the day!  After splashing face with lukewarm water, simply put the TI Glo Toner on a cotton ball, or use a spritzing pump, and apply to the face.   Because TI Glo Toner has Colloidal Silver, it is a great addition to the daily skin care of people with acne.  Colloidal Silver has long been used for killing bacteria and viruses.  Colloidal Silver helps kill the bacteria that cause acne without over drying the skin.

Argireline, is a hexapeptide, (six naturally occurring amino acids in combination), and it is believed to inhibit two internal processes that strongly contribute to the formation of wrinkles.
They are:  1) The SNARE complex - a natural formation of proteins in aging skin that stimulate neurotransmitters, provoking facial muscle contracitons, thereby causing wrinkles and lines.2) The overproduction and release of catecholamines - hormones, such as adrenaline, which affect the sympathetic nervous system and cause wrinkles through repetitive faacial movements.Our Anti-Aging Serum is a safe and effective alternative to costly injections or cosmetic surgery.  The Anti-Aging Serum can be used over whole face, neck and tops of hands - anywhere you'd like to see the appearance of lines and wrinkles reduced.

The Elastin Moisturizer should be used both in the morning and at night to keep your skin hydrated and protected.  Elastin Moisturizer is formulated with a higher ratio of Elastin because human skin virtually stops producing Elastin around age 18, although collagen is still produced in limited amounts.  Exposure to the sun helps destrooy the Collagen - Elastin matrix.   The Elastin moisturizer is designed to help replace part of the Collagen-Elastin that we lose each day.  Remember to moisturize your neck and the back of your hands, as these are often places that show signs of age.  Nothing can prevent the natural progression of aging skin, but when used daily as part of the Glo Advanced Skin Care System, the Elastin Moisturizer can help slow the signs and symptoms of aging.  The Elastin Moisturizer can also be used on the eyelids and around the eyes.   Gently massage extra amounts into lines and wrinkles.

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Total Image's Glo Advanced  Skincare
System  is a
naturally beneficial alternative to help slow and reduce the
signs of aging.  We all know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and because it interfaces with
environment, skin plays a key role in protecting the
body against pathogens and excessive water loss.  The nutrients as well as moisturizing and healing properties of aloe Vera, can help diminish or remove some of the adverse effects that our environment has on skin.

For thousands of years, humans have used Aloe Vera for
moisturizing, healing, cleansing and clarifying the skin.  The powerful healing properties of aloe are even being
used today to help treat second degree burns, sunburns, insect bites and abarasions, just to name a few.  With this in mind, Total Image International has developed a unique skin care system using hydroponically grown, organic
whole leaf aloe vera as the primary and predominant ingredient.